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Most awaited games on PS5 on 2021

The exclusive PlayStation 5 has finally been released and will bring with it a pack of the most anticipated games in 2021. If you are among the console enthusiasts who bought Sony’s newest innovation, then you might be wondering what exactly to play? What is the list of games that are out? what are the upcoming games that will be officially designated for the PS5? We have selected a top 5 list of the best upcoming games for this platform.

God of War: Ragnarok

God of war Ragnarok

The God of war series has been confirmed to be a PS5 exclusivity in 2021.It is a follow-up of the previous PS4 sequel. The story recites the journey of Kratos. Back in September, Sony’s Santa Monica Studios has revealed their teaser for the God of War Ragnarok showing only the Logo of the game. There has not been any further information or leak, but a Reddit user has analyzed the game’s trailer in an attempt to decipher the hidden secrets. He came up with a hint that Freya might have a significant role. However, there is still unanswered questions and undiscovered realms that were not explorable in the previous sequel.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West

During Sony’s PS5 event back in last June, developers have revealed the long-awaited game Horizon after its previous sequel Zero Dawn. With an initial release for both platforms PS4 and PS5 surprisingly, Forbidden west carries on the story of the protagonist Aloy and sets her in the American frontier to pursue her adventure, and this time with the ability to dive underwater! The live stream event in September has not revealed much about the game leaving fans in anticipation about its release. This leaves enough excitement and exhilaration about this open world game’s aptitude.

Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire tokyo

Tango Gameworks’ action-adventure game Ghostwire Tokyo is an official release for both PS5 and PC that will be published by Bethesda Networks in October 2021. The story takes the player to Tokyo occupied by deadly supernatural forces that led to the destruction of the whole population. Equipped by powerful arsenal abilities and ghostly powers, you will fight these celestial menaces and disentangle the enigma that caused this vanishing.



Deathloop is a first-person shooter action game where you play as an assassin transported to the mystifying isle of Blackreef. The island succumbs the struggle between two powerful assassins that will end up determining its fate. You take the role of Colt and indulge in the rescue of the island from the timeloop trapping that resulted in an endless vicious cycle, altogether while being chased by its inhabitants. In order to break the loop, you will need to clear out 8 prominent targets before the end of the day and eventually break the loop. Choose your preferred gameplay and experiment with your unique weapons and abilities as you fight off your enemies to their death.



It is a third person sci-fi shooter developed by Housemarque and published by Sony. It has rogue-like gameplay elements where you take the role of a space piolet who has been forsaken in an estranged planet. The trailer showcases a variety of Alien foes in a murky and dark planet that is stuck in a loop and it is your mission to break it. Nothing else has been unveiled since Returnal’s debut, however the mysterious storyline, and flamboyant artillery the game offers is worth the wait.

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