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Best 5 underrated Video Games of All Time

Video games have been a favorite pastime for many people, while others consider it as their job online gaining financial security out of it. No matter the reasons, it has won millions and millions of hearts and grew a huge fan base all over the world. Games are endless and come in varied genres, yet some games received far more praise and love than their counterparts. Other games are utter damp squibs that no one likes to play. By contrast, there is another significant category of games that have been brushed aside and disdained, despite their worth. These are gems that have been either unfairly low rated upon their initial release, or straightforwardly didn’t receive any exalt. The following games are the most underrated by many yet loved by a few.

Number#1 : Bioshock 2 :

Bioshock 2

The Bioshock franchise has been regarded as one of the most legendary games of all time and was showered with praise and love. The original Bioshock inaugurated the unforgettable underwater city Rupture, while Bioshock: Infinite soared players heavenward in Colombia. With the new Bioshock 2 striking the gaming markets, fans were disappointed with this lackluster. It reintroduced the already explored ruined Rupture. The overall atmosphere of the game was a bit anticlimactic for many players in the game’s early release. Considered as the black sheep of the whole series, Bioshock 2 hadn’t gotten its chance as opposed to the original. It hadn’t lived to the expectation of the developers, selling only 3 million copies with a solid rating but not even close to the first sequel. Nevertheless, with every passing year players seem to start liking Bioshock 2 despite its slow start. Notwithstanding the flakes it had gotten, it is one of the best games.

Number#2: Shadow of The Tomb Raider :

Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Another classic series, the beloved of many, Tomb Raider comes with a definitive edition and gamers will experience the finale of their favorite tomb crawler and hero Lara Croft. Destined to be the ultimate life saver and tomb raider in order to rescue the world from a Maya apocalypse. Shadow of the Tomb Raider carried out an exceedingly wretched, more idiosyncratic, and a death-dealing denouement to Lara’s primordial story. Located in Peru Latin America, the game conveyed the usual stealth-based gameplay along with all seven DLC challenge tombs, downloadable content, weaponry, and outfits, etc. It is the best edition to experience her final chapter. Nevertheless, it received low review scores as opposed to her other counterparts and predecessors. If there is anything still to prove, it is the worth and liveliness the game holds so far.

Number#3: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth :

Call of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth

Being a first-person horror survival game that mixes intense action and adventure along with a touch of an H.P. Lovecraft universe. It delivers an investigative narrative combined with exploration and melee/gun combat style to fight an evil incarnate. However, players had mixed feelings about this game and some drawbacks can be pinpointed. First, graphics are definitely not that spectacular, nor even near to be good especially with facial animations lacking density and expressiveness. Another fairly common issue many mentioned is the reverse mouse controls; you had to press a button while at the pause menu which is a bit annoying and gives off an impression of a badly made game. Notwithstanding some issues, the game is a solid 8 and deserves a chance; it has one of the most intense chase scenes, survival horror ambiance, and an interesting story to follow.

Number#4: Little Nightmares :

Little Nightmares

A whimsical and Cimmerian tale that delivers your childhood fears to your door. Immerse yourself with this dark adventure game that places you within a mystifying and stupendous vessel occupied by debauch entities chasing after their blowout. However, this hidden gem flew under the radar of many gamers notwithstanding its value. It was highly underappreciated despite its amazing gameplay, charming narrative, and sublime visual design. Play as the small sized little girl Six and endure the treacherous environment of oppressive souls haunting you down. Unfortunately, it hadn’t got its luck in winning the hearts of many players, yet it deserves a lot more than what it got.

Number#5: Mirror’s Edge :

Mirror’s Edge

Last on the list is this futuristic Prince of Persian-acrobatics style gameplay combined with an Aeon Flux-esque plotline. Courier runner Faith is sent on a mission to deliver sensitive data away from spying eyes across this apparently utopian heaven. A crime has been committed and your sister has been set up and now it is your quest to flee from surrounding dangers. Leap across rooftops, freestyle ninja kick cops and parkour your way to the tops. This game, despite the low reviews and attention, delivers an outstanding and enthralling gameplay. Sadly, the game did not shine bright, nor did it get any spotlight; some dismissed it as complete failure while others lambasted the trial-and-error progression of the game. It is too unfortunate that only a few clearly understood what EA was trying to achieve. Despite everything, it is worth your while to experience this game at its full potential.

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