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Assassin Creed Revelation : A Brief review of the story

A Brief review of the story:

A Story has ended, another opens…
The end of the epoch has approached, Ezio’s successive journeys reached the last chapter. After ensuing the protagonist in his expedition over the course of the three chapters, Assassin Creed Revelation concludes the chronicle by pushing the sequel into an unprecedented and impalpable enclave.

Subsequently, The brotherhood came to a halt; Desmond is torpid and lethargic after being compelled to murder Lucy by dint of Juno. On the one hand, Rebecca Crane decides to take Desmond to New York where she gets to meet his father and then endeavours to bring him back to life. Thus, Desmond is put back in the Animus using the safe mode “The Black Room”. On the other hand, Shaun Hastings is determined to stay in Rome in order to attend Lucy’s funeral.

Finally awakening in Animus Island, Desmond encounters Subject 16 who claims to be the consciousness of Clay Kaczmarek who inhabited the Animus 1.0 before him. Subject 16 explains to Desmond that his mind is damaged and the best way to fix this is by reliving his ancestors’ memories until they become utterly weary. Consequently, the Animus should therefore separate Desmond from Ezio and Altaïr which will eventually lead to Desmond waking up from the coma.

Once more Desmond reincarnates as Ezio Auditore and embarks on his journey, 4 years following Cesare Borgia’s death. As an endeavour to discover Secrets that only Altaïr has previously unveiled, Ezio travels to the fortress in Masyaf. To his surprise, he finds Masyaf has been occupied by the Templars. The hooded assassin successfully flees the attack and discovers the entrance to the hidden Library of Altaïr. In order to unlock the door, Ezio must find the 5 keys Niccolò Polo has hidden in the city. One of the keys is concealed by the Templars who managed to find it underneath the Ottoman Sultan’s palace. The rest are hidden in the Capital city of the Ottoman Empire. Ezio therefore travels to Constantinople where he gets to meet Yusuf Tazim, the leader of the Turkish Assassin Order. Ezio then meets Sofia Sartor and becomes infatuated by this Italian traveller. The beloved Sofia helps Ezio in finding the remaining keys while the lover keeps his feelings concealed.

On the other side of the spectrum, conflicts arise between Prince Ahmet and his brother Selim, who are clashing over who should inherit the Sultanate. This incident has put Constantinople in a chaotic environment.

Suleiman divulges what he suspects to be the root cause of this feud to Ezio, Templars. On the flip side, Ezio also discovers that a man called Manuel Palaiologos has gained the Templars’ favour and is building an army to oust the Ottoman rule and re-construct the Byzantine Empire. Fortunately, Ezio manages to kill Manuel before any of his plans transpire. He recovers the final key only to find out that Ahmet has plotted all of this to open the library.

This is only but a glimpse of the whole chronicle, so we invite you to explore more hidden secrets and experience the finale of Ezio.
This is the end of Assassin’s Creed, Stay Tuned for another coverage of another glorious remarkable nostalgic game.

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